Americans , December 26, 2018: With the winter season upon us, I feel it’s appropriate to advise the motorists of Syracuse that the city will not be responsible for any damage done to your automoblies or any other property by reason of section 1103(b) of the Vehicle & Traffic law. Only if the plow driver acts with reckless disrgard for the safety of others will the city respond favorably to the aggrieved party according to

My legally parked vehicle sustained over $700 in damage when a plow hit it last winter and my claim was denied. I was told by a former corporation counsel that the city was on solid ground, and any efforts to recover my loss, such as taking the case to Small Claims Court, would be a waste of my time and most certainly result in a verdict in favor of the city.

So the plow drivers operate with impunity. Unless the law is changed, you are out of luck.


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