New Delhi, December 07, 2018: Five Wichita automobile dealerships average 10 sales a day. Give yourself enough time and their jingles will probably enter your brain.

According to reports published in With new sales in 10 car manufacturers, Brandon Steven Motors remained on top of Wichita’s car sales in 2017. The group sold 13,204 units in 2017, more than twice its competitors. More than half of Steven Motors’ sales were of used cars or trucks.

The sixth-most busy dealership in 2017 made the biggest move in sales. Walser Automotive Group, which specializes in high-end lines such as BMV, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche, sold 2,801 units last year for No. 6 on the WBJ list. Walser was 14th on the 2016 list.

Scroll through our slideshow of the area’s top automobile dealerships to see who’s out-pacing competitors.


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