New Delhi, February 02, 2018: Whether or not a car is beautiful is very subjective thing. You may like it, your friend may hate it. But then there are some cars that perhaps aren’t deemed good looking by anyone. We wonder how did the designers of these cars take a step back and be content thinking that they’d done a good job. Here we brought you a list of the ugliest cars India has ever seen report further adds that  Financial Express.

Sipani Dolphin: On sale in India back in 1982-90, Sipani is a small car manufacturer based in Karnataka. They built cars like Badal (based on the three-wheeled Reliant Robin), which later evolved into the Dolphin. An 848 cc, 4-cylinder engine with a 4-speed manual transmission, and rear-wheel drive, Sipani sounds like it may have been fun to drive back then, but then in 1983 Maruti came up with the 800 and the Dolphin had to be replaced with a four-door Montana. Eventually, the car could not withstand the stern competition from the Maruti 800 and succumbed in 1990. (Image: Boyracer)

San Storm: The only home-grown convertible in India after the Standard Herald, the San Storm. The San Storm was a sports car with limited luggage space and 1.2-litre engine that delivered 60 bhp which wasn’t exactly sports car performance and to top it all you could probably slip your hand into the panel gaps. It never caught on, but if you’re still interested in it, the San Storm can still be ordered from San Motors in Goa. (Image: Indiandrives)

Hindustan Trekker: The Tekker was based on the Ambassador and the objective behind it pretty much seems to be a people carrier, without considering what it looks like or drives like. Straight lines, four-door body and optional four-door body or open roof type two-door body, the Trekker also had a sibling named Pushpak. (Image: Cartoq)

Mahindra Quanto: Compact SUVs were catching on when the Quanto was thought of, but Mahindra couldn’t really bank on the trend very well. The Quanto looked like a Xylo downsized to fit the sub-4 metre and avail the tax benefits. The design was such that it looked like it ended abruptly, giving it an appeal like it was chopped from the back. Mahindra Quanto is not sold in the market anymore.

Maruti Zen: India was just entering the era of modern looking cars, giving up straight lines to more curvy design lines. Maruti perhaps thought it would be nice to ride both the boats together redesigning the Zen in a retro modern Classic. However, the end product is perhaps one of the worst automobile nightmares

Premier 118 NE: The 118 NE was a successor of Padmini for Premier in India, and while some won’t agree with this one being ugly, it wasn’t exactly a swan. It had a sharper design compared to its predecessor with a dark black square grill, black front and rear bumpers, and round headlamps replaced by rectangular ones. Although, it may be nostalgic for some whose fathers had this for their first car.

HM Veer: HM tried and tested a lot with the Ambassador, one of which was a pick-up truck. Launched initially in West Bengal and later across the nation. You can’t help but imagine that am Ambassador was cut against its will and forced to mutate into a pick up. (Image: goaonwheels)


DC Swift: Maruti Suzuki Swift has been a very popular hatch in India with comparison being made to the Mini Cooper. The Swift throughout its generations maintained its popularity in the country, but then DC Design had to step in and give us the abominable version of it may think is pretty.

DC Imperator: Let me begin with a shock: The inspiration of the Imperator is said to be the Ferrari Enzo. *Facepalm!* There’s some of Bugatti Veyron, some of Morgan and then it has a 6.2-litre V12 petrol engine and 28-inch wheels. The idea was to combine a sports car and an SUV. But teh end result is anything but.


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