New Delhi, September 30, 2017: SCOTT Sports India, the Indian arm of the globally recognized multi sport company SCOTT Sports,launched their 2018 range in India this month. The main highlight is the launch of their pedal assisted E-Bikes range which is the first in the country. This move by SCOTT marks the beginning of a technological revolution in the field of bicycling in India. The second highlight is the launch of their #BuildYourVision service wherein you can personalize your road bike by choosing your own frame and components, thus creating a tailored product unlike anyone else’s.

Change is the only constant and SCOTT Sports India, a subsidiary of SCOTT Sports SA, once again shows their expertise with the launch of their pedal assisted E-Bikes. They are the first global brand to launch E-Bikes in India.These E-Bikes are going to be powered by Bosch and Brose, and will be available in the MTB and Commuting E-Hybrids variants. The prices will be INR 2.5 lakhs onwards. These bikes will assist your speed and make pedalling an easier job for you especially uphill. The will have a range of up to 120 kilo metres on a single charge.With this launch, SCOTT keeps up with its commitment of environment friendly products as this range will be a threat to low cost motor powered bikes in the market.

The next big highlight is the #BuildYourVision service which helps consumers personalize their road bike, wherein one can choose their own frame and component sand build their dream bike. This would result into the making of a bespoke piece for a whole new cycling experience for you by you. For this one can choose from frame sets ranging from INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 4.5 lakhs. SCOTT Sports India recently did a bike build off with the only 2 coveted special edition Rio Olympics Frame sets in the country and you can check out here how amazing the bikes turned out –

The launch also includes the Addict range of cycles that are lightweight, fast and comfortable bikes. These cost INR 1,25,000 to 2 lakhs. There is a new range of apparels too with an emphasis on Women’s Apparel. With the 2018 launch SCOTT continues to ensure that when a consumer buys a SCOTT Bike, their other requirements too are met under the same roof, to make their cycling experience complete in one go.

According to Jaymin Shah, Country Manager, SCOTT Sports India, “We are glad to launch our 2018 range with first in market opportunities of buying pedal assisted e-bikes and building your own road bike from scratch. The E-bike is an exciting segment for us as that product range has the ability to bring down the pollution problem as well as reduce the perennial problem of traffic in our country. These E-bikes are easy to use, they come with the latest technology and servicing them is as simple as servicing your regular bikes.“

Corporate Comm India(CCI Newswire)


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