New Delhi, March 31, 2018: “We want to change mini-vehicles forever.” “We want to offer the best new vehicle in Japan.” These are the aims that inspired the first-generation N-BOX. Since its launch in 2011, the N-BOX has ranked No.1 in terms of mini-vehicle sales* four times in six years, transforming the market and growing into a brand with many loyal customers. The second-generation N-BOX, launched in September 2017, continues to generate strong sales.

Based on the concept of “for the happiness of families in Japan” and aiming to set a new standard for family cars, Honda renewed all elements including the car’s fundamental platform during the development of the second-generation N-BOX. It was a momentous evolution that went far beyond a regular full model change.

According to the reports published in Throughout the whole process, the development team placed a high priority on ensuring customers could feel comfortable and secure in this new mini-vehicle for everyday living. The staff started from scratch by putting themselves in the user’s shoes to explore exactly what a family car should offer. The result was a car that offered an easy, stress-free driving performance, fitted the Honda SENSING new safety and driver-assistive system as a standard feature in all models. So what inspired the development team when designing the second-generation N-BOX? We put that question to the development managers, and the staff engaged in R&D of safety and reliability technologies.

*Ranked No.1 for mini-vehicle sales in FY2013, FY2014, FY2016 and FY2017 by the Japan Light Motor Vehicle and Motorcycle Association


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