MAN Truck & Bus has put its new assembly line for axle
production at its Salzgitter plant into operation. From 2018 onward, it will
see non-driven MAN and Scania axles roll off the line next to each other. This
is a joint large-scale MAN and Scania project in the field of production.

Plant manager Thomas Rennemann is delighted: “The new direction that
the MAN Salzgitter site is taking within the context of our PACE2017 program
for the future is continuing to take shape through this. We have invested €30
million in a new, state-of-the-art assembly line. Around 200 new jobs are set to
be created in connection with this, which is good news for Salzgitter and the
region. Our plant plays a key role in Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle holding
group Volkswagen Truck & Bus.

Chairman of the Works Council Hilmar Pawel adds: “We are pleased
that we finally have a unique selling point within the Group and we will do
everything to keep axle production future-proof.”

Workforce and Management joined in celebrations to mark the ramp-up
of the new axle assembly line and 30 years of axle assembly in Salzgitter.
Still to come

  • The A5 line, which will make the cooperation with Scania visible
  • Around 200 new jobs are set to be created in order to provide the Volkswagen Truck
    & Bus Group with non-driven axles
  • Investments in the region of €30 million
  • 940 axles to be assembled per day in two shifts in the future
  • New technologies in the field of painting to be used for the first time at MAN (CO2
    washer, dry filter for paint residues)
  • 16 robots to ensure correct corrosion protection in the future
  • 76 driverless transportation vehicles are to be used for assembly and logistics
  • 30 years of axle production at the Salzgitter plant
  • 200 new jobs and investments of €30 million
  • Production of MAN and Scania axles on a single assembly line


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