New Delhi, March 23, 2018: Taiwanese firm Kymco has unveiled the Ionex electric scooter, with an innovative removable battery system which is not only lightweight, but also easy to charge and use. Over the next three years, Kymco intends to launch as many as ten electric bikes, with the similar charging and battery system as the Ionex. Ahead of the Tokyo Motorcycle Show, Kymco says the new scooter and the battery system will remove all barriers of going green and using zero emissions technology – like looks, charge time, range and infrastructure.

The Kymco Ionex scooter has removable batteries under the floorboard

According to the reports published in On the first bike displayed from the Ionex range, the scooter has two removable batteries under the scooter’s footboard, and the batteries can be easily removed with the press of a button which opens up the battery bay. The batteries only weigh 5 kg, so users can easily remove them and carry them around, either at home to charge them overnight, or even to charge them at the workplace. The under-floor battery storage area also gives the bike the lowest centre of gravity, at the same time giving the bike the biggest underseat storage compartment.


The Power Outlet Network will allow users to swap fully charged batteries further added that the batteries have several recharging options, plugging the bike at home, or remove the batteries to charge them at home. There will also be a Power Outlet Network, which will be a giant vending machine where riders can swap drained batteries for fully charged ones. There will also be a Charger Point Network, which will essentially be retail shops which will charge the batteries for the user in about an hour’s time. Batteries can also be rented and stored under the seat, extending the range of the scooter to 200 km between stops.

Kymco has ambitious plans in the coming years, with plans to set up charging networks in 20 countries and with production of half a million total vehicles. But all that will depend on lobbying various local and national governments to set up the infrastructure, as well as a full-fledged product strategy plan. So far, there’s no word on pricing and specs of the new range of electric two-wheelers, or when production models will finally be launched in the market.


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