If you sit at a neat veneer desk working as an automotive industry marketing analyst, this test will mess with your tidy head. Here are four cars that upset the applecart of “segmentation” you use to populate the cells of your cold, dry databases and spreadsheets.

Anyway, here we have two 00-gauge hatches, the VW Up and the Hyundai i10. But in this case they’re not in first-wheels (or repair-shop discourtesy-car) spec. They’ve got higher trim and more power than that. Then we have a supermini, the C3, the one that we recently named “World’s Best Urbanite” because it’s better furnished and smoother-riding than baby cars, yet still compact enough not to be a pain in the parking space. And finally the Suzuki Ignis, which is a bit of supermini, a bit of baby car, a bit of crossover and a bit of whizz-kid.


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