With the requirements of related regulations and standards for vehicle fuel economy have directly promoted the development of automobile lightweight. The IALS 2019 Shanghai , schedule from May. 16-17, is a 2-day gathering of top international and domestic OEMs and suppliers to discuss key questions of vehicle design, manufacturing processing, lightweight materials etc. It should be the ideal platform for automotive industry stake holders/individuals to know the latest updates and explore partnership opportunities for staying ahead of the game.


  • Trends in Chinese and International Policies on Automotive Lightweight
  • Lightweight Applications in NEVs &CVs
  • The Role of Steel In Future Mobility
  • Lightweight Application of Aluminum In BIW and Chassis
  • Innovation of Composite in Automotive Lightweight
  • Application of Engineering Plastics in Automotive Lightweight
  • Selection of Lightweight Materials in Auto Parts
  • New Technology Application in Lightweight Design
  • Application of Lightweight Forming, Joining, Welding and Testing
  • Flexible and Intelligent Production Solutions in Automotive Lightweight
  • Solutions Balancing Automotive Lightweight Design, Cost and Performance



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