New Delhi, January 13, 2019:  Scientists say they have developed several two-dimensional (2D) materials which may enable electric vehicles to clock up to 800 kilometres on a single charge.

Lithium-air batteries, which are still in the experimental stages of development, can store 10 times more energy than currently used lithium-ion batteries, and they are much lighter, said researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago(UIC).

Lithium-air batteries could be even more efficient and provide more charge with the incorporation of advanced catalysts made from two-dimensional materials, they said.

In the research published in ‘Advanced Materials’, researchers synthesised several 2D materials that can serve as catalysts. A number of their 2D materials, when incorporated into experimental lithium-air batteries as the catalyst, enabled the battery to hold up to 10 times more energy than lithium-air batteries containing traditional catalysts.



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