New Delhi, August 10, 2018: Ducati sales seem not so encouraging for the first half of 2018, with sales down 7.4 per cent than the first six months of 2017. So far, Ducati has sold 32,250 motorcycles in 2018, and that amounts to 448 million Euros in revenue. Ducati has had a growth run for eight consecutive years, but this year, sales have been sluggish. For the second quarter this year, Ducati sales were down 8.9 per cent compared to the second quarter of 2017. In the April to June period of 2018, Ducati sold 20,319 motorcycles, compared to 22,300 motorcycles sold in the same period a year ago.

According to repots published in Worldwide, sales of all different segments of Ducati bikes were in the red, except for the SuperSport and Superbike categories, which saw significant growth. These models witnessed a growth of 29 per cent, with 7,683 units sold across the world in the first six months of 2018. The second quarter of this year also revealed significant growth in these models. The new Ducati Panigale V4 is considered the driving sales behind the growth in sales, as well as the Multistrada 1260.

Ducati has not revealed details of growth figures in international markets, so there’s no way of knowing how the brand is fairing in India. But of late, there’s been renewed interest in Ducati bikes in India, with a concentrated marketing push in the world’s largest two-wheeler market. In Ducati’s home market of Italy, the brand has seen positive growth, but that is more likely due to a rebound in the motorcycle market as a whole. So far, it remains to be seen how Ducati ends the year after a record eight year growth in sales, but that’s more an overall global sentiment worldwide, than anything to do with the Italian brand specifically. Motorcycle growth in 2018 is widely expected to slow down across the world, except in select emerging and growing markets like India.


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