New Delhi, November 17, 2018:  By late October every year, Delhi gets covered in a thick silver blanket of smog as stubble burning by farmers peaks. Despite efforts, stubble burning by farmers mostly in the state of Punjab and Haryana has not been stopped. But now, Ikea has a plan that may help in solving Delhi’s air pollution problem.

Swedish furniture retailer wants to make products using agricultural waste — which means that farmers will no longer be needed to burn it. Ikea said in a statement that it plans to buy rice straw to use it as a renewable source for Ikea products. “The ambition is to create a model for how to reduce air pollution that could be replicated in other megacities,” the company said in a statement on Thursday.

According to reports published in As per System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting (SAFAR), a government agency, stubble burning accounted for 33% of Delhi’s air pollution, which was the highest for the month. The pollution caused by crop burning has ranged from 5%-33% over the last one month.

While crop burning may be the trigger for dense smog, other factors such as vehicular emissions, industrial pollution, and smoke from firecrackers around Diwali also plague the national capital’s air quality every year.

Ikea, which opened its first India store in Hyderabad leading to an overwhelming footfall on the inauguration, will kick-off the plan of using rice straw in areas around New Delhi before extending to other parts of the country.

The company said that its first products prototype based on rice straw will be ready by 2018 and will hit the Indian market by 2020.


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