• Continental refines digital platform for smart Parking
  • Highly accurate and up-to-date parking data available in 13 European countries; worldwide expansion planned by end of 2019
Las Vegas, January 11, 2019: Technology company Continental is rolling out its services for providing information about available off-street parking spaces to an additional 13 countries. Those covered now include the core European markets of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the Benelux countries, Spain, Italy and the U.K. The data is aggregated and processed to ensure that it is accurate, complete and up to date. Continental is carving out a niche for itself on the market with its parking platform.
The service offers real-time occupancy data from parking garages as well as relevant information concerning prices, opening hours and electric charging stations. The infrastructure data is gathered from a range of sources. A strict quality process and an in-house data team guarantee that the company can keep its data services timely and up to a high standard of quality.

“The combination of our data sources and automated quality assurance means that in our core markets, we are able to achieve almost total coverage in cities of more than 25,000 inhabitants with more than 70,000 POIs,” said Jürgen Schweiger, Vice President of Continental’s ITS business unit. “Our core competency in this regard rests on the quality of our data, which ensures the best possible user experience in those countries.”

Preparations for the worldwide roll-out are in full swing, with implementation scheduled to take place during 2019. The data is sold in license packages to map providers and carmakers, making it possible to reach drivers directly via their on-board and navigation systems. The data can also be used through Continental’s free Parkpocket app, which is available in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian.

Continental Parking: a full-service digital platform

In addition to parking, Parkpocket is aiming for a comprehensive range of products in the field of smart parking with the introduction of mobile payment. The app offers a mobile payment system that allows users to pay their parking fees conveniently via the app, without the need to carry cash. Real-time information on curbside parking is due to be added in the second half of 2019.

“We are working hard on a high-resolution parking map containing all statistical information and letting users know about parking spaces currently becoming vacant in real time, as well as predicting which curbside parking spaces are likely to be occupied. This system’s high precision coupled with its scalability means that it is likely to supersede current stopgap technologies in this market entirely,” said Stefan Bader, responsible for parking at Continental.

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