Name of the company: Chengdu Huaersen Environmental Protection Technology Co.Ltd

Address: Beijunping, Lichun Town, Pengzhou City, Sichuan Province

Contact No.: 028-84988469

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Chengdu Walson Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and research and development of flame retardant and environmentally friendly weak electric wire and cable (security fire protection, intelligent weak electricity), optical cable, wire harness and CNG/LPG complete sets. The company has passed ISO/TS16949:2009 quality system certification, CCC certification, UL certification, flame retardant certification and other certificates.

The company continuously introduces advanced production equipment and inspection equipment. At present, it has more than 100 sets of advanced production equipment such as high-speed extrusion machine, high-speed stranding machine, high-speed cable-forming machine, knitting machine, automatic terminal crimping machine and injection molding machine, as well as projection. Instrument, tensile machine, high pressure testing machine, caliper, power frequency spark machine, measuring microscope, digital direct reading hydrometer, automatic combustion testing machine, salt spray test machine, heat aging test box, rocking test machine, high and low temperature 40 sets of high-standard inspection instruments such as alternating heat and humidity test chambers.


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