By Mr. Vikram Kumar, Founder, Letstrack.

New Delhi, July 20, 2018: Purchasing a car brings a decent amount of expenditure on your pocket. Whether using for personal or commercial purpose, owning a vehicle requires a regular check on the expense and plenty of ways to cut down the fat from your budget.

Here are five simple daily hacks that can help you save a huge amount on your car expense:

  1. Save on fuel expense

Fuel, in general, is one of the biggest expenses in transportation business. However, installing a GPS tracker with an advanced feature of fuel consumption tracking can actually bring down the fuel cost by eliminating wasteful fuel activities.

A good real time GPS tracker can also help you in monitoring your driver’s behaviour by collecting data about engine’s activity and allows you to make sure that the fuel is being used efficiently.

  1. Proactive car servicing and maintenance

Keeping a track on your vehicle’s maintenance and servicing date is difficult in today’s busy life. But you cannot ignore that when you forget to get your car serviced, you end up spending hefty amount on fuel consumption.  Deploying a GPS tracker that gives you automatic reminders on car servicing is a fast and one of the most efficient ways of getting your car serviced on time.

Apart from GPS trackers, there are several automobile companies that have started integrating digital means to keep their customers updated on their vehicle’s servicing which helps them save money from unforeseen repairs.

  1. Optimized routing

Managing routes manually is one conventional way that stops you to explore shorter routes. An optimized route can help you produce accurate routes based on your business specific travel. Switching to automated routing also reduces travel time by avoiding the routes with heavy traffic.

Moreover, optimized routing can not only help you save money on fuel but also increases efficiency at work by checking what route your employees use to reach the job. It allows you to go through the stops your employee’s take which helps you make influential decisions in offering them extra stops while reaching to office.

  1. Track on Insurance renewal

Due to the acceptance of Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other new technologies, many automobile companies and insurance providers have started tracking the driving behaviour of customers. This allows the insurance providers in analyzing the accidental risks associated with driving behaviour of their customers and giving them the best car insurance policy as per their requirement.

  1. Engine cut technology

GPS trackers with Engine cut feature are trending these days. It allows you to turn the ignition off from your mobile device even while sitting at your home. This is extremely helpful in recovering your vehicle in case of theft and saving you from incurring huge losses in minimum possible cost.

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