New Delhi, February 25, 2018: Execution is something that exclusive a couple of chose auto purchasers search for when they pick their vehicles. In any case, there are numerous alternatives in the secondary selling circuit to additionally improve the execution of their vehicles. We bring you ten such vehicles that have been remapped with huge power supports in India.

Jeep Compass

Remapped control: 200 Bhp – 420 Nm

This is India’s most effective Compass and it has been remapped by famous tuning house, Pete’s. The Jeep Compass diesel is fueled by a 2.0-liter multijet diesel motor that delivers a most extreme energy of 170 Bhp and 200 Nm of pinnacle torque. The remapped variant of the vehicle has a yield of around 200 Bhp and 420 Nm which is around 18% expansion from the first power. The remapping system costs around Rs. 24,000.

Renault Duster

Remapped control: 140 Bhp – 340 Nm

The Renault Duster is one of the most loved SUVs in the market. Be that as it may, the greatest power offered by stock Duster is 108 Bhp – 248 Nm. The Duster appeared here is an AWD form and gets a couple of visual changes as well. Aside from the visual changes, the Duster likewise gets Pete’s Stage 2 Code6Tuning execution remap that now delivers 140 Bhp – 340 Nm. That is an expansion of 30%, which is a considerable amount. The Pete’s remap likewise costs Rs. 24,000.

Hyundai Creta

Remapped control: 148 Bhp – 300 Nm

The Creta diesel very intense even in the stock frame. Be that as it may, there are a couple of devotees who adore more power under the hood. The stock 1.6-liter diesel motor in Creta produces a most extreme of 126 Bhp – 260 Nm. Pete’s remap add a 20% additional energy to the auto. The remapped 1.6-liter diesel motor in Creta delivers as much as 148 Bhp and 300 Nm, which is a great deal of energy.

Maruti Vitara Brezza

Remapped control: 115 Bhp – 255 Nm

The Brezza is known for its fuel effectiveness yet the proprietor of this vehicle needed to crush out each ounce of execution from the motor. The 1.3-liter DDiS diesel motor of the Brezza produces a most extreme of 89 Bhp – 200 Nm. Pete’s, an outstanding supplier of tuning contributes India offers a remap that takes the yield to 115 Bhp – 255 Nm. It is 25% guard over the stock yield and makes the minimized SUV significantly more enjoyable to drive.

Mahindra XUV 500

Remapped control: 165 Bhp – 370 Nm

Despite the fact that Mahindra is intending to dispatch the 170 Bhp motor on the facelifted XUV 500, there is a remap by Wolf Moto for the XUV 500 that takes the power near that. The Stage 1 remap takes the stock yield of 140 Bhp – 330 Nm to 165 Bhp and 370 Nm. The remap costs around Rs. 28,000.

Maruti Suzuki Baleno RS

Remapped control: 125 Bhp – 200 Nm

The Baleno RS is the primary hot hatchback from the brand and it is adored by numerous fans. The hatchback is controlled by a 1.0-liter 3-barrel turbocharged oil motor and creates 101 Bhp and 150 Nm in stock frame. The remapped form from Pete’s produces around 25% more power and 33 % more torque than the stock vehicle. The remap is estimated at around Rs. 30,000.

Passage EcoSport

Remapped control: 115 Bhp – 250 Nm

Passage as of late propelled the facelift adaptation of the EcoSport however the diesel motor of the vehicle continues as before. The auto is fueled by a 1.5-liter diesel motor that creates a most extreme of 99Bhp – 204 Nm. This auto gets Pete’s remap that builds the power yield by around 15% and torque yield by around 12%. It costs around Rs. 25,000.

Isuzu V-Cross

Remapped control: 175 Bhp – 380 Nm

Isuzu V-Cross is a way of life get truck that has turned out to be very prevalent in the market. The Isuzu V-Cross is controlled by a 2.5-liter motor that delivers a most extreme of 134 Bhp – 320 Nm. The remap gave by Quantum takes up the ability to 175 Bhp – 380 Nm. It costs around Rs. 35,000.

Hyundai Tip top i20

Remapped control: 115 Bhp – 270 Nm

The Hyundai Tip top i20 is a gorgeous vehicle and it is very brisk as well. Pete’s offer a remap for the First class i20 1.4-liter diesel motor that takes the stock energy of 90 Bhp 220 Nm to 115 Bhp and 270 Nm. The remap is evaluated at around Rs. 26,000.

Volkswagen Polo GT TDI

Remapped control: 140 Bhp – 280 Nm

The Volkswagen Polo GT TDI is an aficionado’s pleasure. ToT (Tune-O-Tronic) offers an exceptionally forceful remap for the vehicle that expands the power yield by around 30%. The remap costs around Rs. 28,000.


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